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OOC Staff

Evan H. Zimmerman has two decades of experience in offshore related engineering, technology development and risk management.  Mr. Zimmerman has held senior management roles in the offshore oil and gas service sector in the United States, North Sea and Australia.  Mr. Zimmerman holds a Doctor of Jurisprudence from the South Texas College of Law and a Bachelor of Science in Ocean Engineering from Texas A&M University.  Mr. Zimmerman has received numerous patents for offshore related technology, served in key roles in many industry and academic initiatives, and received many awards for service or accomplishments including a Corporate Leadership Award from the U.S. Department of Interior.

Greg Southworth has over 20 years experience in environmental and emergency management in the energy industry. He has implemented environmental management systems in the US, Western Canada and Brazil. His experience includes building relationships with regulatory agencies and stakeholders, and developing corporate environmental strategies. In addition he has served as a Planning Section Chief and Deputy Incident Commander during oil and hazardous material spill response actions. Greg holds a BS in engineering from LSU and an MBA from Loyola University New Orleans.

Rebecca Wolfgang has more than ten years of experience in support activities and administrative management. Ms. Wolfgang has a degree from Northwest College in Wyoming, and has completed a number of various role specific training courses. Ms. Wolfgang has provided a variety of support in the areas of financial account management, customer interface, office management, inventory management, meeting arrangements, and counseling activities.   

Angie Barbara has more than 7 years of experience with sales, management and administrative support.  Mrs. Barbara has a degree from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge and has completed a number of various role specific training.  Mrs. Barbara has been involved in hotel sales, hotel event management and has provided support in the areas of account management, customer service, and membership interface.

Evan H. Zimmerman, JD

Executive Director

Greg Southworth

Associate Director

Rebecca Wolfgang

Member & Subcommittee Support Staff - Texas

Angie Barbara

Member & Subcommittee Support Staff - Louisiana