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Offshore Operators Committee (OOC) was formed in the late 1940’s and has evolved into the oil and gas industry’s principal representative regarding regulation of offshore exploration, development, and producing operations in the Gulf of Mexico. This effort has been accomplished primarily through volunteer work by technical, supervisory and management personnel of many companies who staff various OOC standing and ad hoc subcommittees.

Our purposes and objectives are as follows:

1. To conduct a cooperative effort to become familiar with and to stay informed as to the laws, rules and regulations adopted or being considered by the various governmental entities asserting jurisdiction over matters affecting the offshore petroleum industry, and to consult with and advise such governmental entities concerning matters affecting the offshore petroleum industry.

2. To conduct such studies and investigations as the Committee may deem appropriate with respect to the following matters:

     a.  Oceanographic studies, weather forecasting, safety, pollution controls,

aid to navigation and any other matters commonly affecting offshore


     b.  When requested to do so by governmental agencies, to take part in

cooperative studies and investigation of such matters as are not contrary to Federal or State laws and which are not prejudicial to the

individual rights of any Member.

3. To contract for the services of any person, partnership, corporation or other entity to carry out any of the purposes set forth above.

OOC History and Objective