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Specifically, the Committee will be actively engaged in, but not limited to, the following activities:

1. Regarding operational and regulatory issues, serves as a focal point for interaction between its members and the government agencies (BOEM/BSEE, COE,     EPA & Coast Guard and other agencies as warranted) having jurisdiction over mineral exploration activities in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM) and Atlantic Ocean.

    Note: While not directly involved in issues in the Pacific Ocean and Alaska, OOC will maintain a liaison with operators and monitor activity in those areas, to     see if issues affecting those areas could have an impact on the GOM or Atlantic Ocean

2. Disseminate to its membership information regarding existing and pending government agency rule making or notices that relate to offshore operational issues.

3. Encourage participation among operators, contractors, other trade organizations and regulatory representatives in activities such as forums or workshops,     designed to promote regulatory awareness, and/or to share information used in development of prudent operational practices.

4. Cooperate with regulators and other industry organizations in the evaluation, or development of new or revised domestic or international offshore operational     standards that could have an impact on its members’ activities in the GOM and Atlantic Ocean.

5. Perform, or participate in studies or investigations to determine, or support OOC’s position on various issues affecting operational or regulatory activities.     Address requests or requirements for information by regulatory agencies that relate to offshore operational issues. Engage in any other projects approved by     the Executive Subcommittee and General Membership.

6. Actively seek to recruit as OOC members all offshore operators and associate members, in order to encourage their participation in, and improve their     awareness of issues that affect mineral exploration and development in the GOM and Atlantic Ocean.

7. Support efforts to better inform the public regarding activities in the GOM or Atlantic Ocean.

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